On site

Our site offers activity, relaxation and common areas amidst the firs and maples, immersing you in an atmosphere that varies with each season.

Relaxation corner

The relaxation corner is located alongside a brook. It’s equipped with hammocks, a table, chairs, benches, a swing and a small natural pool. Read, relax, take a dip or enjoy an aperitif.

Common area

The common area is located at the centre of the site. It’s a place of meeting and fellowship. A large v-shaped bench is provided so you can sit around the fire and roast marshmallows or listen to an Aboriginal folk tale.


 The forest trails take you from the welcome building to your yurt. They lead down to the brook and to the common area, allowing you to explore the various colours and scents of the season. With a bit of silence and patience, you may meet some of our friendly deer. With an equestrian centre just next door, you’ll certainly meet some beautiful Canadian horses.

Walk the Red Indians trail, which showcases elements of Huron culture and has a small camp made by children. We also have treasure hunts that are fun for the whole family.

Wishing tree

 Located at the forest’s entrance, the wishing tree is about creativity. Leave a trace of your visit by writing a thought or wish on a piece of tree bark and offer it as a gift to the wishing tree that’s keeping close watch.


Stargaze under the beautiful, clear night sky. Hébergement aux Cinq Sens is located in the world’s first International Dark Sky Reserve, just 20 minutes from the Mont-Mégantic observatory. The 2 acres of prairie offer you a clear view void of light pollution.

Energizing power walk

Paule is pleased to offer anyone who is interested a power walk in Piopolis complete with breathing exercises and stretching. Treat your body and mind with an energizing experience in enchanting surroundings. Available with a package or upon request.

Horseback riding

The Centre équestre Le Vent du Sud is just next door to the Hébergement aux Cinq Sens, where you can discover Piopolis’ green landscapes on horseback. The horses are pampered, pleasant and obedient. The Centre offers unparalleled service. By reservation.

 Group activities by reservation

  • Onsite guided stargazing evenings and nature walks
  • Cooking workshop
  • Aboriginal sweat-lodges
  • Aboriginal wisdom related activities
  • Guided tour of Piopolis
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